Friday, May 02, 2008

Creative Suite targets mobile devices

I only saw the start of the Adobe webcast last night as I wanted to see Tony Oreshko at the Globe. Off topic I know but just a bit of context.

Previously I had found it hard to believe that Adobe @ drupa would be more or less about web video but now i think it is quite likely. The Kevin Lynch theory of design is to think about the phone first, then the desktop screen. Set top boxes coming soon. Nothing said about the book but maybe by the time the design is spread out to paper it would be series of blob graphics with lots of white space, maybe with page numbers to turn to. Not much text though, even then.

Searching on Google News this morning for " Adobe, PDF " finds mostly the Open Screen Project (Kevin Lynch did mention PDF, as a source of content for AIR) but also a review of Nuance PDF Converter, works with Microsoft XPS. So discussion around PDF, XML etc for flat documents will continue. At drupa Global Graphics sponsor the main space for this.

Google also finds a GMG press release about support for "PDF Print Engine 2.0" , something I cannot find anything else about. Barney Cox has replied to my comment on the Printweek listing about workflow and MIS. He writes that Adobe are expected to announce something on the first day.

My opinion is that drupa has more or less started already. Online discussion is best supported if information is widely available. If Adobe have something to announce it might as well be done on a similar basis to Cocomo or whatever.

And the MARS thing is a bit crucial. The blog, like Inside PDF, is in need of an update. How can there be a sensible conversation about XML and PDF if the file format in the next Acrobat release is a bit of a mystery?

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