Saturday, June 09, 2007

Adobe Live in London, still not much on MARS

Apparently there will soon be an update on MARS, a download with the bugs fixed. that is what I gathered at Adobe Live but there is nothing I can find yet on the website.

There was some convincing evidence of how Flash contributes to classic publishing. Sansui showed a FLEX approach to design in a format for online design through PublishNOW. It is more or less form filling but the Flash offers a visual impression of the final result. InDesign Server creates a PDF for the record and the actual printing. I think that more or less describes it. More in a few weeks.

I met David van Driessche from Gradual on the Certitec stand. Gradual is only gradual as it is assumed that email or FTP for a PDF is already the start of the workflow. Probably a fair assumption though. He suggested that XMP is now used fairly widely for job ticket sort of information coming through websites. JDF is too much for most websites apparently. This is a start at least. JDF can be added later in production.

Print has more or less gone from the Adobe scheme of things. I am only slowly getting used to this. I did a video of the way that a Photoshop flat photo can become a 3D animation-

but this was on the webcast previously. i think the news from Adobe Live was about the MARS update, so more later.


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