Sunday, May 13, 2007

Now I am even more confused

Adobe are also offering a tour around Acrobat 8. It seems to combine desktop Acrobat in the morning with either e-learning or manufacturing in the afternoon. apparently PDF forms in the morning with no mention of LiveCycle. the e-learning is all about Connect so presumably any forms would be Flash. There is a quick section on LiveCycle during the manufacturing but this is only at one location anyway.

Meanwhile Adobe Live will have something for developers, mostly Flash I suppose. LiveCycle now copes with FLEX so may get more attention. Open source seems to be part of the discussion around FLEX, maybe just to keep developers interested.

So how can you have a discussion about all the options, includeing open source on the server? MARS is nowhere to be found on the UK events agenda, as far as I can see. Talking about desktop Acrobat for knowledge work without including server capability makes very little sense.

e-learning might include classic PDF just as much as Connect and Flash video etc.

A project to include e-learning was started when the LiveCycle software first came out. It might have been a proposal for eTEN but never got to a suitable stage. I will try to keep the webpages updated.

What guidance is there as to when to use PDF or Flash for forms? Given that LiveCycle is silly expensive, what open source server software exists for XML and PDF?


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