Monday, May 07, 2007

Adobe Live - What about Mars?

My impression so far is that Adobe Live will be mostly about Flash and FLEX. I can't see anything about MARS, the XML approach to PDF that to my mind is the most exciting thing yet about Acrobat 8.

The Acrobat User Forum has hosted a download of a presentation from Jim King at the PDF University. This covers MARS as well as Flash / Apollo. At the moment there are no official meetings of the AUF but I may meet some people on the developer day of Adobe Live, June 5th. There is a gap before the evening section. The AUF meetings have become smaller but not so small as to avoid disagreements. There is support for the Weatherspoons opposite Angel tube. Some designers prefer the wine in the Slug and Lettuce where the AUF has met previously. My guess is that there will be a preference for the real ale at Weatherspoons.

In either case, look out for the "What about MARS?" A4 sheet if that is what you want to discuss.

As the world moves online there may be new info about MARS that can be linked to this blog. If you are in a completely different pub for some reason, try waving the poster anyway. Somebody might be interested.


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